Account with Bondora AS
Account with Bondora needed to use BondoraBot

If you are not yet a client, you may to follow below button when opening an account with Bondora

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Register at
Get ClientId and Secret Key

Then you will need to register your own details for Bondora API app. Go to, login with your account details and go to Applications / Create new page. Add new application with any name, home page and description you like. Authorizaton callback URL should be

Get authorizaton for API from Bondora
Get Refresh Token and Access Token

Once you have registered your app with Bondora, go to following link. Add your Client ID and Client Secret from your app page on on the right side of the page. Change data on the left to the following: Investments BidsRead BidsEdit SmSell SmBuy ReportCreate ReportRead. Click on Authorize API to get your tokens. After all you will need Client ID, Client Secret, Refresh Token and Access Token to sign up to BondoraBot. All credentials you provide will be stored encrypted in our database

Sign Up to BondoraBot
Only registered users can use BondoraBot

BondoraBot is a web-application that utilizes session authentication. When signing up users don't need to provide any personal data except credentials for Bondora API. Users can Sign Up before getting Bondora API credentials, and provide it later. The app functions from Menu will not work without Bondora API credentials.

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Login to BondoraBot
Log In Page
Choose Settings

Settings are provided to set the strategy of investments. Among others user can choose amount, rate limits, vintage of loans and countries of borowers

Check Balance

Users can check and update Account Balance on the User Page or choosing Menu/Balance

Buy Loans

When entering Buy Loans page user can look through the number of Secondary market auctions chosen according to preffered settings. Choosing the EUR amount and clicking "Buy" will execute a transaction to buy auctions within chosen amount (or available account funds if the former is smaller than the chosen amount). If no auctions available try to update Auctions and buy later or change settings to include other loans

Get Reports

BondoraBot traces user's portfolios features and performance, updates and stores investments, cashflows and loan information from


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