App for P2P Lending Investors
Bondora P2P 24x7 Any Place Any Device

BondoraBot is a web-app to make investments with Bondora - famous and most technologically advanced European peer-to-peer lending platform

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Artificial Intelligence
Predictive Neural Network

BondoraBot is the first and the only trading robot for Bondora API based on Neural Network

Multiple Portfolios
Sub-portfolios on a single Bondora Account

BondoraBot allows user to form as many portfolios with different strategies as needed

Speed & Reliability
💧Vapor 3 - Server Side Swift Development Framework

BondoraBot was developed using Vapor 3 Framework - one of the most used and efficient web frameworks for Swift

How Does the App Work?

BondoraBot gets auctions available on Bondora Secondary Market according to user preferences


BondoraBot Neural Network checks if the loans are destined to default, and if not, it buys the most profitable loans


BondoraBot traces user's portfolios features and performance, updates investments, cashflows and forecasts from Bondora.com


We do not carry any obligations on support, renewals, efficiency, performance and even functioning of software, considering that it is provided for free and as-is. We do not collect any personal data. We do not track or trace users operations on Bondora.com. Our soft contains NO viruses, bugs, worms, hidden payments, advertisement, marketing promotions or other features that you may came across similar products distributed on the Net for free. Nor it does install any additional soft, plugings, media files, platforms or drivers.

BondoraBot is made without any support from or affiliation with Bondora (www.bondora.com)